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Are you raising the next Michael Jordan? Or maybe you’re the athlete in the family, training to be the next Usain Bolt­– Whatever your sporting indulgence is, your body goes through a lot carrying you to success.

We often think of athletes as healthy individuals and in many ways they are, but they have a responsibility to take care of the body that they work so hard. This means working out and playing safely– knowing your limits, using correct forms, and taking care of injuries. It happens too often, that a “hot-shot” athlete thinks that they can work through and injury or accident and then ends up out for the rest of their season because of a blown out joint, compromised muscle, or the most dreaded- a broken bone.

We have seen far too many of these injuries walk through our office door, severe ones that could have been avoided if we had the chance to help earlier, and we are here to tell you: It’s not worth it. We promise that missing a few games to rehab a minor injury is a much easier pill to swallow than missing that championship game because of a broken body or living with haunting chronic pain stemming from an untreated injury.You wouldn’t jump into a game without practicing and you shouldn’t push your body into a situation its not equipped to handle– you’ll be battling your own body instead of the opponent.

Rehab is an athlete’s best friend. It keeps their body going and builds it stronger. It can be an encourager and coach when your body just wants to quit. It heals instead of just masking the problems beneath the skin.

So play hard, but listen to your body. When things start getting a little rough– let us know. We’ll work with you and get you giving 110% everyday again– because we know that’s the only way our athletes play. We’re all on the same team here.



We all live with aches and pains– that’s just how life is, right? NO!

You don’t have to settle for a life filled with back aches and neck pain. You can start living a healthier life without the help of medication, surgery or some home-remedy you found on Pinterest. How? Well, let us explain.

Have you ever taken a hard fall? Been in a car accident? Gotten injured playing a sport? Most of us have, but were you ever treated for any sort of spinal ligament damage? Most likely not, because this sort of damage was very hard to medically diagnose– leaving us with chronic pain stemming from these forgotten accidents. That is, until now.

With Spinal Kinetics’ Certified Experts, like our very own Dr.Lesko, haunting chronic pain can be alleviated. How you ask? With help from a break-through technique called Computer Assisted Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, we can now pinpoint the exact location of ligament damage and measure the level of articular alignment problems it has caused– giving us the tools to diagnose and treat your condition effectively and strategically, and giving you the answers and care you need.

Stop fooling around with placebo diagnosis. Our bodies don’t ache for no reason­—these pains are symptoms of an untreated injury and damage. A life lived with nagging discomfort, places a handicap on reaching your full potential. Don’t settle.

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